• Horal Junior svg 1
    • Koliba Svit

      log Cabin n.7

      11:00 - 13:30

    • Horal Junior svg 2
    • Koliba Svit

      Category BABY


    • Horal Junior svg 3
    • Age

      0 - 14 rokov

    • Horal Junior svg 4
    • Duration

      1 - 35 min

Horal Junior is designed for even the smallest. Registration and presentation takes place at Koliba in Svit. It is necessary to arrive early enough. It is not possible to pick up a starting number other than the one assigned to the competitor. The race starts with the Baby category and gradually continues to older pupils. In Baby races, competitors will be divided into a starting line according to the experience or judges 'or parents' judgments. Competitors are allowed to start only with the written consent of the legal representative, who will supervise their child. The Baby category also allows the use of tricycles and scooters. Others recommendmountain bikes. The helmet is MANDATORY!

Horal Junior will take place in any weather, except in such an unfavorable situation where the organizer reserves the right to change the conditions or to cancel the competition. Each participant starts at his own responsibility. We recommend a medical examination before the competition. The organizer is not liable for damage to property or personal injury caused during the competition. A mountain bike that is in good technical condition, is required in the case of the Baby category reflectors, tricycles or scooters