In cooperation with the general partners, ŠKODA, we are approaching environmental measures.

Disposable plastic dishes and cups will not be used! We will minimize the amount of printed materials.

    • Buffets on the track will not have disposable plastic cups. Cyclists will be able to refuel the ionic drink or water into their own bandas bottles.

    • Ecologically compostable dishes will be available. The amount of printed material is minimized.

    • Cyclists will receive textile bags that are reusable instead of a plastic bag.

  • Separate waste consistently! Dispose of waste in marked containers! Do not dispose of waste in nature! Dispose of waste in buffets in designated containers at designated locations and do not leave it discarded on tables.

    Even small changes in ecological habits can lead to big results!

    • papier - odpad
    • sklo - odpad
    • plasty - odpad
    • komunalny odpad

    The priority is not to create waste, in justified cases to create waste, that is recyclable!